Second Annual Road Trip to Deals Gap, TN

On May 19 and 20, 2001, the GACGP enjoyed its second outing to Deals Gap in Tennessee. After a rough start (Which exit we meeting at, Dr. Jeff/Dan?), things started working like clockwork. There's very few sites more beautiful than eight GPs heading for a date with the Gap.

After a quick lunch, we made great time- pulling into the Lodge a little before 3:00PM. We deposited our gear, and prepared our cars for the gap. It started to rain, so we all took it easy the first time through. Ok, some of us took it easy. Others of us got to see the sides of our fellow GP owners' cars as they discovered that oversteer is indeed possible on wet mountain roads.

The foliage was incredible, with a nice dense green canopy of trees. One could only imagine what the scenery would be like in the fall months. Well, some of the GACGP members aren't content with wondering, and there's a movement a foot to go back in the fall. Please mail the Webmaster with your suggestions on a return trip.

After stopping for a break after the 11 mile run, it was time to return. Again, more impressive scenery, but this time a few less hair raising experiences. Another couple stops were made to enjoy some breathtaking views, and we were back at the Tapoco Lodge itching to start the night off right.

We all gathered for dinner, then retired back to one of the cabin porches to enjoy the company of each other and our chosen vices ;). We really got to know a couple of the members entirely too well, and got to meet some of the others. Throughout the night there was table tennis, billiards, and lots of story telling.

The next morning we made the run again, this time with a lot less moisture on the ground. The troops decided to send Stephen off in the lead so he could warn people of oncomming traffic and any hazardous road conditions. At least one of the members decided this was a challenge and tried to keep up. He was treated to a nice set of smoking brakes on the other side, but kept within a decent range the whole way.

On the way home we decided to take in a few more scenic routes and check out a few more twisties. We were both rewarded with some great landscape and penalized by some slow moving traffic. Overall, the trip gave all members a chance to have the fun they wanted to have. Whether it was checking out the scenery or opening it up a little, we all got what we wanted.

The obligatory pictures:

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