Here's a quick recap of the Night of Lights at Lake Lanier Islands Resort, as submitted by David Wood:

At the Magical Night of Lights @ Lake Lanier @ 5pm and we had the following attendees: David and Beth Wood, Josh Poole and his date, Dr. Jeff, Karen and son, Jeremy and Shelley Decker, Jackie and her friend Jeff and the kids. I think someone had a video Camcorder (Dr. Jeff)? and Camera (Jackie) Everyone was concern that their daytime running lights would not go out. ( Most cars that attend the lights drive with headlights off). So we all plucked the DRL fuses out. (Except Dr. Jeff who used clay and a penlight, but after a while pulled the fuse too) We all had FRS radios to communicate, and had a great time driving through the lights display, stopped and roasted marshmallows at the halfway point. Then we grouped at the Olive Garden for dinner only to get turned away because of the sitting time. So off to Red Lobster for dinner. We were done by 9pm.

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