March 24th BBQ/Mod Day

First off a thanks to Jeremy for providing us with a driveway/garage, tools, and lots of good food and fun.

On March 24, 2001 the GACGP held a meet at Jeremy's place to get together, chat, grill out, and play with our toys. John K. replaced his rear sway bar that he'd had since September. Not to have John feel left out, Stephen replaced his front sway bar with the one he'd got the same day John got his. Dr. Nappy gave his GTP the bath and polishing that it had deserved for quite some time, and there were a couple of pulleys swapped as well. Some minor brake work and some underhood maintenance by a couple of the members rounded out the fun that was had with the tools on what turned out to be a beautiful morning. Of course with a few freshly washed cars, the rain did make an appearance in the afternoon, but this did down the spirits of the GACGP faithful in attendance.

There were also a few policy decisions made regarding the governing and coordination of club events. Here are the highlights:

Well, enough of the boring stuff, here's on to the pictures! (Somebody tell Jeremy to clean the lense on his camera, as these were the least blurry of the pictures he sent me. ;))

Typical- Everybody stands around while Stephen does all the work. ;)
John having a good time with his sway bar install.
Even the kids had fun chowing down and watching the festivities.
Check that out! It really is red.
Nice day to sit back, relax and watch the gearheads do their thing.
Look at the size of dem brakes!

More pics to come as they get cleaned/sharpened a tad...

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