GACGP Meeting 3:
SpeedZone, Kennesaw Georgia
May 20, 2000
What a great meeting! We had 9 cars with a total of 15 people attending. It was truly a beautiful site to see all of our Grand Prix's lined up in front of the place. The shiny cars (especially Stephen Forinash's) caught many onlooker's attention as they drove in. Everyone enjoyed pulling 2+ g's on the dragsters, and bashing each other on the slick track. I think some may still have sore necks!  Brian Trotter and wife Melissa and Rick Mathur came all the way down from the Charlotte area--major kudos to them. I'd love to name everybody that came, but do not want to leave anyone out--so I won't! We appreciate everyone's attendance to the meeting, and hope that we can have the same turn out the next go-round. Enjoy the pics!

Damn! What a site!

Another angle

All the drivers and their cars. The rules of physics tells us that as distance increases, objects typically get smaller, and thus you have perspective. There was no camera trickery involved in this photo--Stephen really is that tall! (at 6'-8", he's fourth from left).

The women and sons of the club. Shawn on the left is reading the latest issue of High Perf. Pontiac!
"Anyone got a toothpick? There's pieces of that Honda stuck all over in here!"

Hey Jeremy-look what you missed!



I'm going to get mom's car one day! Just wait!

Too slow, man! It's mine!


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