Meeting Two:
Road Trip to Deals Gap, TN
This picture/story was borrowed from The Miata Sport Club web page. Original source unknown.


Cracker Barrell in Sweetwater was happy to have us.

  I think something in the food made him 'hot'....

This guy followed us, so we decided to keep him. This is Mark Walters, Patrick's good friend, with his BMW 323is. It's been lowered all the way around with Eibach springs, and sports 17" Breyton wheels.

Ann must have ordered the same thing....

Our first break in the mountains. Beautiful weather, and beautiful scenery. Notice Jacqui is returning from the woods. Hope she didn't lose her lunch! Just kidding Jacquie--we just love to pick on you!

The above two pics are all that survived Ann's photo shoot--because of the constant thrashing, the rest turned out to be pics of the headliner, dash, and floor!! She eventually gave up.

Same break as before--notice the skid marks.

Jacqui caught with her hand over her mouth--the food just don't taste the same the second time around!! Actually, for her first time through this type of driving, she did wonderfully. When we returned to Atlanta, the rest of us had a hard time keeping up with her as she almost doubled the speed limit through Atlanta traffic!

Can we say, cliff?  This being one of the smaller ones, the passengers were all nervous.

Our second stop. We were pushing our cars to the limits, and decided to let them cool down for a little bit.

All in all, this trip was well worth the effort, time, and expense. It will definitely have to become an annual outing. Everyone had tremendous fun experiencing the cars' limits, and building solid friendships.


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