First Meeting  -- 3 Dollar Cafe

Those in attendance were ...
Here's the orginal gang: Jeremy Decker (fiance' Shelley is taking pic), Ann Murray, Patrick Lee, Dr. Jeff Appelbaum, Rick from North (?) Carolina, Jaqui Greenleaf and son Shawn. Please feel free to not email me if we mispelled anything. ;)
The trunk of Dr. Jeff's GTP. Eclipse aluminum subs, Fosgate amps, and a functional ski-hole!
--He was even able to retain his spare tire, somewhere.
Run valet boy! Run! A good view of Rick's GTP, before his new wheels arrived. Notice his neato side-marker lamps, barely noticeable in front of the driver's door.
It's hard to see, but the onlooker in the green car wishes that he had one. Many restaurant goers stopped by and took a peak at our collection of cars. Funny enough, most didn't know that Grand Prixs come supercharged! I mean, DUH!
A view of the left side of the row.
Dr. Jeff and Patrick having a good time.
Rick (in the red hat) is finding something or someone intensely interesting...
Say Hi, Jeremy!
Shelley after a little too much alcohol... (just kidding!)

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