Member Profile - Nicholas Dalton

Name Nicholas Dalton
Occupation Network Management, USAF
Age 20
Hobbies Car shows, Racing, drawing, Skateboarding, Web design, video editing, Photography, the list goes on...
Grand Prix Specs 1998 White/Blue GTP 2 door
Mods Exterior
White reflective rear bumper decal - Blue painted front and rear bumper fascia - White GTP grill emblem - Back window Punisher decal - Blue painted calipers with white Grand Prix decals - Blue LED's under door handles - Blue painted grills - Tinted Windows - Blue reflective door overlays - Blue reflective front bumper decal - Engine Cover painted blue and white - Engine Cross Braces painted blue - White "Grand Prix GTP" decals on engine cross braces - White "Grand Prix GTP" decals on engine cross braces -
Ground wire upgrade - Removed TB screen - NGK TR6 spark plugs- Cleaned Throttle Body - Pallidium Starter - Catalytic Converter removed - O2 simulator - Blue Taylor Spiro 8mm spark plug wires - Goodyear Gatorback supercharcher belt - Goodyear Gatorback accessory belt - Springtech Springs - RAT TB Spacer - 'U-Bend' Replacement - 3.4" SC Pulley - Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator - MSP Cold Airbox - Shift Kit - Flowmaster Mufflers - 180 degree Thermostat - RAT Fuel Riser - Engine Heat Shield - Removed Resonator - Aftermarket exhaust - DHP V1.0 PCM - MAF Upgrade - Taylor Space Age Boot Protectors - Intense 4T65-HD Race tranny bullet proof - Silent Ceramic brake pads - Pirelli Zero Nero all weather extremely high performance tires - Spring spacers in rear springs - 12" front rotor upgrade package - 17" Custom Wheels - Poly Bushings - Koni adjustable struts -
Rockford Fosgate HX2 subs - Custom molded LCD screen in center console - Custom xbox install in back bench seat - Custom trunk sub box made by Circuit City - Rockford Fosgate Capacitor - Kenwood 10 Disc cd changer - Kenwood in-Dash CD/MP3 player - Rockford Fosgate 2400 amp -
Website: Nick's GP GTP

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