Member Profile - Jared Irby

Name Jared Irby
Occupation Student
Age 23
Hobbies Basketball, Autos, and other sports
Grand Prix Specs 1995 White GTP 2 door
Mods Engine Bay/Performance: 1.Ported and Polished Throttle Body - Throttle response mod 2.K&N Dropin - Why not, they last forever 3.Custom Air Box - Gutted with 4" Intake tube. 4.Stock Catback with 3" tips in place of stock Mufflers - Sound alone and it will do until I get a good 2.5" catback made 5.Chevrolet Red-Orange/Red drip Pans - Looks 6..Chevrolet Red-Orange/Anodized Red Accent Color for braces - Looks 7.Blue Wire Loom - Looks 8.Blue Hoses - Looks plus they needed to be replaced and are still being done 9.Opened Drip Pans - A cool Engine is a happy engine 10.Removed Windshield Washer Bottle and Motor - Room 11.Blue Tops on Windshield Washer Bottle and Coolant overflow bottle - Looks 12.Chrome Battery TieDown Suspension/Brakes: 1.Performance Friction Brake Pads - The best mod, brakes work perfect plus Lifetime Limited Warranty. Interior: 1.Blue Front Seatbelt Pads - Looks plus comfort 2.Custom Graphite and White Interior 3.Custom Polished/Brass Shift knob 4.Uniden Hardwired Radar Detector 5.Stitch doll in the Back for show 6.2 15" Purple Neons 7.1 15" Black Light 8.Rear HUD 9.Blue Interior Lights Exterior: 1.Red Arrowhead - Looks 2.Shaved Badges except GTP Badge - Cleaner especially when it comes to detailing the car 3.Red GTP Windshield Banner - Looks 4.Intense Rear Window Sticker - Advertising for them 5.Custom Reflective White Side Markers - Made by me! 6.Splash Guards - I got tired of spray from the tires 7.Sunroof Wind Deflector - Love it! 8.US Flags on rear and side windows - Gotta support my country 9.Eura Antenna - Looks 10.Blue Anodized Tire caps 11.Purple and Red Strobes 12.Dale E Jr plate frame 13.Black Hood Vents 14.Chrome Hood Vent Grills Sound: 1.Kenwood KAC-529S AMP for right now! 2.2 10" Infinity Kappas - The best 3.Q-Logic Ported Sub Box - Prebuilt 4.Scosche LOC-E - It works for right now and lets me keep the stock headunit until I get a new CD Headunit 5.Scosche 350-1100Watt Amp Installation Kit - Great kit that offers everything needed and is big enough to support anything I will put in this car, plus is capable for 1 or 2 amps 6.RockFord Fosgate Speaker Wireing - The stock wireing is old and I had the Rockford Fosgate 12awg speaker wire anyways 7.Dynamat Extreme soundproofing all thru car All custom installed by me to look good for shows! Plus alot of Maintnence

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