../ Member Profile - Edward De Iulio

Member Profile - Edward De Iulio

Name Edward De Iulio
Occupation Long time student; Work in the tech bench @ Best Buys
Age 22
Hobbies My car, Computers
Grand Prix Specs 2000 Forest Green GTP/GTX 2 door
Mods GTX Package: SLP Exhaust, SLP Rear Wing, U bend removed, 3.4 pulley, Headers (titanium coated), Comp Cam, Thrasher 105lb valve spirngs, 160 Tstat, gator back belt, STB's (front, rear), Desert Fox tranny cooler, fpr w/ turbo riser, Bosch Platinum Plugs, Taylor 8mm wires soon: 2 guage a-pillar w/ a/f guage and boost guage

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