../ Member Profile - Doug Childs

Member Profile - Doug Childs

Name Doug Childs
Occupation Programmer for SIRSI Corp. in Huntsville, AL
Age 29
Hobbies Cars, Tuba, Hockey, Computers, Amateur radio
Grand Prix Specs 2000 Navy Blue Metallic GTP 4 door
Mods 9 inch K&N Cone, Pulley Boys 3.4" S/C pulley, Buick F-bars, GT Styling windguards, Perfect fit bra, Mirror bras, Reflective concepts lettering, MSP Compu-cool fan, Lotek A-pillar (electrical oil pressure, mechanical boost, electrical Transmission temp gauges), MSP Tranny pan and MSP Desert Fox Tranny Cooler,CMPP Cat-back Exhuast, Buick F-Bar Kit.

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