../ Member Profile - Chris Burnsed

Member Profile - Chris Burnsed

Name Chris Burnsed
Occupation Lead Agent Delta Air Cargo / Savannah
Age 28
Hobbies My car and my fiance
Grand Prix Specs 1999 Silvermist GT 4 door
Mods Exterior
SLP Ram Air Hood - Smoked out Tail Lights - SLP 1st gen spoiler - Red Neon underbody. - Facia flames, Flag decals - Reflective Concepts overlays all around - Head light and Backup light strobes - A-Pillar Gauge Pods - Tinted Windows - Street Scene Grills -

GT Head rest Medallions from Drex - Red Neon in Trunk - Red neon under dash and seats - GT trunk lid cover - Pioneer 12s in the Trunk with neon -Aftermarket Lights - Gauge, Transmission Temp - Gauge, Oil Pressure

SLP ram air box - Taylor Pro 8.0 Plug wires - Custom High flow exhaust with fast toys tips - PCM Reprogrammed - SLP Air Intake Temp sensor - Strut Tower Brace -

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