Party & Hooters Car Show

This event doubled has a car show for GACGP and birthday party for John Payne. Early in the morning we had 4 Grand Prix's entered in the show. With over 100 cars there that day the parking lot was FULL!. Congrats to David Fry for placing the top 3 in the Non-V8 Powered class!! And an honorable mention to Terry Huston who ALSO SHOULD have placed top 3 in the Non-V8 Powered Class had the judges not forgotten about him!!! Bribe the judes next time Terry!! They will not forget you again! :-) Later that afternoon John, Michelle, and the kids joined us for John Payne's Birthday Party..... You should have seen the CAKE!! It was decorated with the GACGP logo! If someone sends me the pictures, I'll add them here!

Those in attendance were: