Picnic at High Falls State Park

I'd like to begin by saying that we could not have asked for a more beautiful weekend! We picked a great location beside the falls, a bit of a walk from the parking lot but it was worth it. We had 9 GP's and 19 members show up for this event making it the largest of the year!

Those in attendance were:

  • John & Michelle Payne & Jesse & Katelynn
  • Dave & Beth Wood & Catie
  • Terry & Tami Huston
  • John Kanaly
  • Jeff Steur & Jill
  • Jeff Hicks
  • Jacqui Greenleaf and boys
  • Stephen Forinash
  • Zack Parker and Melissa

  • Click here for more High Falls pictures!

    I'd like to thank all the members who brought food (and we had alot of food) and thank all those who gave donations of money. I really appreciated the help. After the parking lot show (traffic backed up on I-75 for miles) we finally all made it to the park. John volunteered to cook (we survived!) and we had a huge feast! After the feast the kids ran off to the swimming pool while most everyone else took to the hiking trails. Jeff Steur decided to feed the falls his sunglasses before returning. A few of us gathered in the parking lot for discussions and tried and figure out what was wrong with my hoopty. After a few parking modifications to get the GP's all in purdy rows pictures were taken by Stephen and Jacqui. Hopefully we can get those up for everyone to see very soon! We also discussed future events and decided on a white water rafting trip, to be coordinated by John K, Stone Mtn., SMS and a Mod Day. As soon as we sort out all the details I will post more information about these upcoming events on the website. Thanks for everyone's support and for making this club a great place to have fun! Looking forward to the next event and to meeting many more GP enthusiast.

    -Michelle P.

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