Three Dollar Cafe

JULY 20, 2002

More meet pictures!.

On July 20th, 2002 the GACGP returned to it's roots. 8 Grand Prix's carried 12 members and their kids back to where it all began 2 years earlier. It was a great turn out and nice seeing everyone again. There were lots of new faces and veterans alike.
Most everyone arrived around noon, with the exception of a few, and we had lots of great conversation before our lunch arrived. The kids got to play in the large game room that the Three Dollar Cafe has and we relaxed and watched one of the 50 T.V's available. Afterwards we headed out and down the street to the Publix for some great pictures and more fellowship. A great time was had by all and those who attended were:

  • John and Michelle Payne & kids
  • Jeremy and Shelley Decker
  • Shawn Dunne and Mary
  • Dave Jackson and Alicia Highsmith
  • Jacqui Greenleaf & boys
  • Stephen Forinash
  • Terence Francis
  • Chris Burnsed

All those beautiful Grand Prix's lined up really caught some eyes. We even had some guy who was in the parking lot taking pictues of OUR cars.

Thanks to Jeremy Decker for the great pictures, next time don't let the dumb blonde use the camera! Due to our limited web space the rest of the photos can be viewed on the "Yahoo Photo's" page.

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