July 4th Party

On the 30th of June, members of the GACGP crashed Dr. Jeff's annual Fourth of July cookout, pool party, and fireworks display. This event was definitely one for the record books, as it's guaranteed that never before has Dr. Jeff lit up so many fireworks at once. Well, at least never before has one of Dr. Jeff's companions... you get the drift.

GACGP members came from many miles away in various parts of Atlanta to descend on Trion, GA to enjoy the pool, friends, and some good eatin'. The day started out with great weather at the pool, and as it progressed into evening, the day stayed just as beautiful as it had started, giving way to great bonfire and fireworks weather. After the sun started to set, it was off to ground zero.

There's no way to describe the spectacle that was to follow once we arrived at the launch site. It can only be summed up by the "PICTURES".

Overall, a great time was had by all, and we'll have an even better time next year I'm sure. At least the fireworks display can't be any shorter. ;)

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