BBQ / Cruise-In

First off, a thanks to Kenny and Monica for providing us with a driveway, tools, washing equipment and lots of good food and fun.

On July 21, 2001 the GACGP held a meet at Kenny and Monica's place to wash the cars, have a bunch of trunk lid mats installed by Terry, and fill up on food before the evening's Cruise-In in Winder. The attendance was impressive, and we ended up with eleven GPs entered in the show! Loook forward to us besting this at Kenny and Monica's next gathering.

Some quick Pictures:

With trunk open and cleaning accessories at hand, Jeff looks for any areas that need attention.

They'll see the light when they're old enough to drive.

Something seems to be missing under the hood of that GT. ;)

Washing action shot with great look at a Terry Huston original trunk mat.

Who's car? Steve's car.

Even better shot of a Terry Huston original trunk mat.

Off to flood the Cruise-In with GP goodness.

They put up with Stephen for a whole day, and most are still smiling!

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